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Biography of 'Wild' Bill Kaysing, Fastest Pen in the West
Published: Fri, 24 Jun 2005, 07:42 EDT

By Aria C. Munro
Staff Writer, Publishers Newswire
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MONTROSE, Calif. - June 24 -- Dietrich von Schmausen along with Wendy L. Kaysing have announced their plans to write the posthumus biography of William C. Kaysing, familiarly known as "Wild" Bill Kaysing, The Fastest Pen in the West. Mr. Kaysing was probably best known for the controversy he ignited as the "Father" of the Apollo Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theory. Mr. Kaysing has appeared on Oprah, Sally Jessy, specials on FOX and BBC and many radio talk shows and television shows all over the world.

Controversy aside, Bill Kaysing was an accomplished author of many published works on a wide range of subjects including motorcycle safety, low-cost living, farming, cooking and travel, tax relief, senior survival and more. Mr. Kaysing wrote about his passions and consequently gathered an international following. He believed in what he wrote and lived it as well, as many would testify. He was loved by many, inspired millions, and was the subject of debate by many more. He was truly a renaissance man of the last century.

Sadly, Mr. Kaysing passed away at the end of March this year.

Mr. von Schmausen is Mr. Kaysing's nephew, and will reveal insights into his life and character that go far beyond those of most of his closest friends and, in some respects, his immediate family. Mr. von Schmausen's background spans over thirty-five years in Electronics Engineering Services and administration, including nearly nine years in Deep Space Network Engineering for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Kaysing's daughter, Wendy Lynn Kaysing is also a writer. Her background includes working as a reporter and staff writer for The Hartford News, Hartford magazine, Bird Talk magazine, and is former editor of The Voice of Hartford Parents. Currently she is working as a freelance writer and editor in addition to having written several feature length screenplays.

Mr. von Schmausen and Ms. Kaysing plan to co-write what they characterize as a compendium of reflections, incidents, quotes, and philosophies, goals and successes of one of the most controversial persons of our time. According to the writers, the focus will be on the life (alt: adventures and misadventures) of Mr. Kaysing, rather than a recap of his Apollo theories.

The authors are currently seeking representation and invite agents and/or would be publishers to contact them for what they believe will be a sure-fire best seller, as the name "Bill Kaysing" has a ready audience world wide. The working title is: Life and Times with "Wild" Bill Kaysing, the Fastest Pen in the West.

Dietrich von Schmausen at: herrdieter @

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